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Aging causes your skin to thin, produce less collagen and lose elasticity, which in turn results in sagging and wrinkling of the skin, especially around the eyes and mouth.


Plasma Pen skin tightening, also known as fibroblasting, fibroblast skin treatment, or soft surgery, is a non-surgical procedure or skin tightening treatment that targets a wide variety of skin conditions including loss of elasticity, sagging and wrinkles that have been traditionally treated with dermal fillers or plastic surgery. It also greatly improves skin effected by stretch marks and scars.

What is the Plasma Pen?

The Plasma Pen is an innovative device for non-invasive skin lifting, skin tightening and rejuvenation. It is FDA and CE approved for fibroblast therapy (a skin treatment that stimulates the production of collagen).

How does the Plasma Pen work?

The Plasma Pen significantly tightens, lifts, resurfaces, and regenerates practically any area of the skin.

It uses electrical energy to convert nitrogen into plasma energy and then rapidly transfers that plasma energy to the skin surface. This results in a small disruption of the deeper skin layer or dermis, where the majority of the skin’s fibroblasts lie. The result is a marked contraction of the skin, which immediately tightens the treated area.

The Plasma Pen causes stimulation of the skin’s fibroblasts and in turn the fibroblasts produce more collagen. This results in strengthening of the skin’s dense connective tissues, which in turn minimizes fine lines, wrinkles and skin folds, as well as improving the elasticity, suppleness and hydration of the skin. This is why the treatment is also known as fibroblasting.

What areas of the body can be treated with the Plasma Pen?

Fibroblasting produces excellent results on all areas of the body, particularly the face and neck regions.

What is UNIQUE about our Plasma Pen?

We use the number one Plasma Pen in the world. The Plasma Pen is manufactured in Germany with German precision and FDA approval. Be cautious of other fibroblasting devices used by aestheticians as very often they are referred to as Plasma Pen but are not the actual trademarked device. and may not be suitable for professional use, and can be dangerous.  

Many of the technicians and skin care aestheticians performing fibroblasting are also not professionally trained. There are many contraindications for fibroblasting, including but not limited to certain medical conditions, medications and skin types. Also, it is important to mention the specific techniques used to obtain the best results. 

With our aesthetician you can be sure that you will receive the highest performance and safety during the procedure, as well as aftercare and support.


How long will it take to see the results from a plasma pen or fibroblasting treatment?

Results are almost immediate with visible tightening. The formation of new epithelial tissue occurs rapidly after treatment  and is usually completed 3-7 days post procedure once the carbon crust has flaked and beautiful new skin cells have appeared. This helps rejuvenate the skin and delivers SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION IN PHOTO-AGING AND SUPERFICIAL WRINKLES. The inflammatory response and comprehensive healing process stimulates extensive dermal remodelling over the next 12 weeks, which includes new collagen synthesis and new production of elastin (to help strengthen, plump and lift the structure of the skin).

In some cases, more than one session may be desired for further improvement . Results typically last between 3 and 5 years mostly depending on lifestyle.


Is the Plasma Pen procedure painful?

Fibroblast skin tightening is a non-invasive procedure with a minimum level of pain. Strong numbing cream is used to numb the area before the treatment. After the procedure the treated area might be reddish and some patients may experience some swelling . At the side of each spot a small crust will form. The scabs should not be touched and they will fall off naturally within 4-8 days post procedure.


What are the risks of Plasma Pen treatment?

The fibroblast skin tightening treatment is an exceptionally safe procedure with virtually no side effects or they occur very rarely. Possible side effects are inflammation, scarring or minor change in skin pigmentation, which is very rare. It is highly important for each client to follow the instruction for aftercare closely. Swelling after treating the area around the eyes is normal and will disappear after 3-5 days, depending on the client's sensitivity.


What downtime can I expect after a Plasma Pen treatment?

The normal downtime is on average 5-7 days on the face and neck and 10-14 days on the body, depending on the area being treated and the intensity of the treatment. Swelling usually begins on the day following the treatment, and peaks around third day, after which it subsides and tiny scabs form. Scabs normally begin to fall off around day 6 and 7 (for face and neck).

Healing time and results may be negatively compromised by not following the recommended aftercare protocol.

What skin types are good for a Plasma Pen treatment?

Plasma Pen treatment is only suitable for light or white skin types. Darker skin tones (African American, African, Latin, Native American, Indian, Middle Eastern, Asian ancestry and people of mixed ethnicities) are not good candidates for this procedure due to possible development of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

We are committed to safe and effective treatments for all. When in doubt, we won’t risk it! We do not provide Plasma Pen treatments on Fitzpatrick skin types 4-6.


  • wrinkled, crêpey or sagging skin becomes smoother; bulging skin becomes tighter and firmer

  • improvement in stretch marks and scars

  • very low risk procedure with minimal side effects

  • no scalpel, no cutting and no ablation of the skin

  • no stitches and no scars

  • no injectable aesthetic required; topical numbing cream is used

  • short downtime

  • no asymmetries and no risks of any overcorrection

  • long lasting results – up to 3 years and can be permanent


Results may vary depending on age and skin condition.

Technology used: Fibroblast Plasma Pen

Condition treated: skin sagginess on face and body, lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, scars

Results: reduced wrinkles, more toned, lifted and tighter skin

No. of treatments: usually only 1 treatment required

Treatment time: min. 1.5 hours depending on treatment area

Recovery time:
5 to 7 days on the face and neck areas, 10 to 14 days on the body. Swelling usually begins the day following the treatment, and peaks around day 3 after which it subsides and tiny scabs form

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Discount offered on multiply areas treated, please contact us for more information

FREE telephone or zoom consultation

To book a complimentary virtual meeting please contact Anna on 07856516353  


List of most common areas treated (please contact us for other options):


Upper eye lids/ non-surgical blepharoplasty £350

Under eye (bags) £350

Upper & lower eyelids £600

Crow's feet £280

Eyebrow lift £220

Frown lines £199

Full forehead lift (inc. frown lines) £400

Top lip (smoker lines) £230

Lower chin + smoker lines £400

Chin £230

Smile lines (Marionett lines) £199

Nasolabial folds (lines from the nose to the mouth) from £210

Jawline £380

Cheek lift £380

Earlobes £180

Half face lift £780

Neck bands / crepey neck lift £520

Full neck lift £780

Full face lift £1199 (over 3 appointments)


Belly button area £220

Half tummy from £480

Full tummy  from £600

Knees £320

Elbows £250

Top arms (bingo wings) £420

Inner thighs £620


for your free consultation call us on 01494 438577

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