Do you suffer from a dull complexion, age or liver spots, broken capillaries or redness? Is your skin loosing density? Have you started to notice the first signs of saginess? Are fine lines and wrinkles starting to take place? 


Over time, our skin begins to display the effects of ageing. Outside factors such as sun, gravity and hormones contribute and speed up the ageing process. The collagen found in our skin begins to break down and results in fine lines around the eyes and lips, deeper lines and grooves in the brow, and so on. One day we wake up to find that our face no longer has that youthful, vibrant appearance it once had. Instead, we are overcome by an increasing occurance of blemishes and concerns that are difficult to conceal. Ageing is a complex process that needs more then one technology to address it. 

At U:skin we offer range of anti-ageing technologies that effectively remove the years from your skin to bring you a more youthful and refined complexion by targeting the underlying causes of skin ageing. 

IPL photo - rejuvenation

 targets pigmentation, vascular lesions, thread veins, builds up collagen and elastin (the building blocks of your skin) and kills P-acne bacteria resulting in soothed and faster healing acne

RF skin tightening

targets the deep layers of the skin to reverse loss of elasticity; tightens, smooths wrinkles, and improves skin density through an intensive boost in collagen and elastin formation


this intense micro-needling treatment corrects a wide range of skin concerns including acne and accidental or post-operation scarring, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, open pores and hyper-pigmentation

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