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why ARK?

Theme CSS Font awesome Third Party JS Libraries Theme object StartFragmentEndFragmentArk Skincare is our newest brand that we've embraced. The reason why we've decided to introduce it to our clients is due to its age intelligent, spa led formulas that deliver professional results using the most innovative natural ingredients while being kind to skin. What we also love about the brand it it's gorgeous natural smells, beautiful texture of the formulas and lovely packaging. In the end of the day, we all love some luxury in our daily skin regime.

Personally, I'm a huge fun of their products (which are a part of my personal skin care routine as well as are used by us at U:skin in our facial treatments) and I believe that due to its skin kind but result driven ingredients this range would appeal to almost everyone who is looking for some helping hand in battling ageing and most common skin problems including sensitivity, pigmentation and acne management.

Skin product market is saturated with so many skin care brands, and it can be a real headache to be able to fish out the real gems from in-between false promises and misleading advertisement. And even when you at last find well formulated product it might be presented in a wrong packaging that won't protect its ingredients, or will shock you with its overpriced tag. And that's why is so refreshing to find gentle on skin, well formulated, well packaged and pleasure to use products in affordable price range. We highly recommend to give it a try, and hopefully you will fall in love with ARK as well as we did. ARK Skincare has definite Thumbs Up from us at U:skin.

You can purchase ARK products from our boutique clinic located on White Hart Street in High Wycombe Town Centre (opposite Metro Bank) or order it from ARK website

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